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VoiceFest 2K16

Posted by Youth Services

VoiceFest 2K16 is a free festival FOR and BY young people, to celebrate difference and expression through music, art, performance and food. VoiceFest brings together young people from diverse intersections of identity, ethnicity, religiosity, sexuality, gender and culture.

A community conversation for Transgender Remembrance Day

Posted by dsadmin

Marie August and Anne Murphy extend a warm invitation to trans and gender diverse people and allies to join us and participate in a conversation with our community on the eve of Transgender Remembrance Day. A time to be together and talk with each other.

Prevalent & Preventable Violence Against Women and their children #PPVAW

Posted by Phoebe Wallish

The general feel at this PPVAW conference is sombre and heavy. There seems like many people have done a lot of work/ research, yet it hasn’t even scratched the surface. As I sit in each and every presentation my heart felt heavy and I could feel the burden of how far the issue is entrenched in our system and how far we have to go. It is not only daunting but incredibly challenging. At least we are having the conversation!

Plebiscite: Fund Support not Hate

Posted by dsadmin

drummond street services, a Victorian-based family support agency that provides specialist counselling and support to LGBTIQ people and their families, continues to experience an increase in demand for mental health support.

drummond street services and Stepfamilies Australia position on Marriage Equality

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drummond street services – based on its long-held values and mission of inclusiveness and social justices recognises the right of our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex employees, volunteers, clients and families, children and communities to live, work, love and be who they are; free of prejudice and discrimination.

Celebrating great Dads this Father’s day

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Too many “men” have been in the news for all the wrong reasons in recent times, especially with the scourge of domestic violence being rightly exposed and discussed more openly than ever before. But this Father’s Day (Sept 4) gives all of us the chance to acknowledge the many great Australian men who make their families a far better place.

National stepfamilies awareness day – Monday July 25

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For an increasing number of Australians, including an estimated 300,000 children, stepfamilies are the new normal. But it can seem anything but normal. The experience can be both wonderful for children and parents alike, or brutally challenging and a vital work in progress.

Other Mothers Days

Posted by dsadmin

There are an estimated 300,000 children who live with a stepparent in Australia. Most stepparents start off as strangers and with care, patience, persistence, love and time build strong, supportive relationships can develop between a stepparent and the children within these families.

Support services experiencing massive increase in calls from distressed LGBTIQ youth

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drummond street services, a family support agency that provides counselling and support to LGBTIQ people and their families, is experiencing a spike in calls from anxious and distressed youth.

Stepfamily survival guide for the Xmas holidays

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Tens-of-thousands of Australians are currently filled with dread, contemplating the social minefield known as the Xmas Holidays. They are among the 1-in-5 Australians who are part of a stepfamily. For many of them, the interaction that comes with this season is an emotional battle with their past, their identity and their future.