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Transgender Day of Visibility 2018

Posted by dsadmin

queerspace and queerspace youth held our first Transgender Day of Visibility celebration on Thursday the 29th March. Transgender day of visibility is a day to get together and show support for trans and gender diverse communities. To celebrate our accomplishments and continue to fight cissexism.

Building Stronger Families

Posted by dsadmin

Are you interested in learning simple strategies and skills for strengthening your relationship? We’re offering a fun two hour session of Relationship and Family wellbeing.

Parents with disabilities: Tips to make your home more functional

Posted by Ashley Taylor

Becoming a parent is one of the most significant life changes you will experience. You need to prepare your life and your home for this monumental occurrence, and you may not know where to begin. Modifying your home is a must for any parent-to-be, but it is even more critical if you live with a disability.

drummond street services Geelong service has moved

Posted by dsadmin

As of March 1st, we are now at 337 Ryrie St Geelong, co-located with other health and allied support services. Our skilled and experienced family therapist, social worker and counselor see families in their homes, classroom, in the community and at the Ryrie Street premises. Our support services are free and voluntary.

Parenting sexual and gender diverse young people

Posted by dsadmin

This session will provide parents/carers an opportunity to explore essential information and skills needed to deepen their understanding of the impact and strategies to support LGBTIQ young people.

Survival Day/ Day of Mourning/ Australia Day

Posted by dsadmin

January 26th means different things to different people. For some, it is a day to celebrate the anniversary of the British’s arrival to the continent. For many First Nation Peoples (and others) it is acknowledged as a Day of Mourning or Invasion or Survival Day.

Transforming Family Connections

Posted by dsadmin

If family estrangement is part of your story, or the story of someone you love, don’t miss this special encore talk by Carol-Ann Allen. And, in second session, explore intra and interpersonal dialogues, and the impasses that permeate many family-of-origin stories.

Generations of Queer

Posted by dsadmin

This panel arose from conversations at queerspace about how we speak, or fail to speak, across the generations, and how we might understand each other better across or even through our differences.


Posted by Phoebe Wallish

Contemporary Australian families look significantly different to what they did a generation ago. There are new and old parents and partners and siblings, not to mention different cultures, religions and traditions –step and blended families face unique difficulties over this so called “most wonderful time of the year”.


Posted by dsadmin

A YES vote is for equality and love. It is also a resounding NO to institutional and legal discrimination, divisiveness and invalidating LGBTIQ experiences, relationships and who we are. The ‘YES’ vote brings some relief and elation. It is an important milestone for the Australian community. It finally acknowledges and recognises the equal value and status of relationships. We are now a little bit further down the road, via a route we were forced to travel. What are the next steps?