Promoting wellbeing for life

Achieving our vision requires two distinct responsibilities:

  • Promotion, Prevention, Early Intervention, Treatment & Recovery – Utilising a public health framework, we provide family support services designed to meet the needs of all individuals, families and communities.
  • Applied Research Evaluation – Understanding what is needed and what works, and disseminating that information to contribute to and inform best practice, social commentary, policy development and a solid evidence base for our sector.

We value:

  • Leadership: In the face of social, economic and cultural change, our longevity as a leader in the provision of welfare rests in our unwavering commitment to respond creatively to the changing needs of families and communities.
  • Diversity: We avoid using limiting definitions of “family” and deliver equitable services that promote the needs of ALL families.
  • Inclusiveness: We actively work to remove barriers so everyone can access and enjoy the full range of services we offer.
  • Professionalism: We maintain professional standards of service delivery and employ highly committed, professionally trained and qualified staff, who are enthusiastic about their work with individuals, couples, families and groups.
  • Quality and Transparency: We ensure we deliver the highest quality of services and practice. Our work is founded on research, practice wisdom and the voice and needs of our clients.
  • Value and Innovation: We will utilise our resources with intelligence, add value where service gaps or deficiencies exist, avoid duplication, and always seek to innovate.

Check out drummond street services 2022-2024 Strategic Plan. We also welcome any feedback or comments around this plan.