Committed to Excellence.

We are committed to contributing to the knowledge base of the family services industry. We undertake research to understand what works in service delivery and share that information to inform practice development, social commentary, policy development and the evidence base of the sector.

We invest in workforce development by providing supportive and engaging opportunities for students to share in this learning, while building a strong foundation of experience towards their future endeavours.

Our Student Practice & Research Program welcomes applications for placement from students studying towards relevant qualifications. We accept applications for:

  1. drummond street services Project Placement
  2. CFRE Research Placement
  3. queerspace student placement

drummond street services Project Placement

A Project Placements at drummond street focuses on the development of the student as a practitioner working with communities, families and young people across the public health spectrum of interventions. Applications for Project Placements will be assessed on the student’s capacity, placement timelines and current work plan to ensure all projects are relevant, timely and in response to community need.

CFRE Research Placement

drummond street offers three key areas for CFRE Research Placements:

  1. Direct family interventions. Research which is intended to have an applied orientation and will inform policy and the knowledge base for practice.
  2. Evaluation projects concerning family, relationship and adolescent focused services and programs. This research is focused on developing skills, methods and protocols for evaluation purposes that can have relevance to other services and agencies and be commercially disseminated.
  3. Development of applied training and dissemination. Providing a focus for collaboration, this research develops and disseminate skills for critically appraising evidence for effectiveness, for designing evaluations to advance the “level of evidence” for promising programs and for advocating and encouraging effective family practice.

If you would like to make enquiries about current opportunities in the Student Practice & Research program please fill in a form here.

queerspace student placement

queerspace is an LGBTIQ+ health and wellbeing support service with a focus on relationships, families, parenting and young people. Please complete the online request form if you are interested in a placement position.