Who are we?

Drummond street services is a Victorian-based not-for-profit which was established in 1887 to engage with the community and help families throughout every stage of life. Since then, our program offering has grown, and we have expanded to six locations across the state.

With a history that traverses more than a century, we are one of the longest serving welfare organisations in Victoria, and one of the first family relationship centres in Australia.

Driven by the mission to promote well-being for life, we work directly with our clients on education, early intervention and specialist support for people of all ages and backgrounds.

What do we do?

Our programs are tailored to suit the needs of each person or family, covering:

  • Relationship counselling
  • Intensive family support
  • Parenting support – for both new parents or newly separated
  • Mental health programs for parents and kids
  • Queerspace – support for the LGBTIQ community

drummond street services snap shot of results in 2017-2018


clients worked with directly


total number of client sessions attended

Key facts from sector in Australia

17% Australians

(4 million) reported having
a mental or behavioural
condition in the 2014-15
National Health Survey


of child and adolescent
mental health problems among
those living in low-income,
step/ blended and
sole-parent families.

14% men
25% women

have experienced emotional
abuse by a partner since the
age of 15 (2.1 million women
and 1.2 million men).


To promote positive parenting and open our services out to a wider audience, we have developed two mobile apps.

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A simple tool that encourages positive, open communication and enables busy parents to plan and schedule their co-parenting duties.

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An early intervention tool that pinpoints at-risk families and provides much needed support during the crucial stages of pregnancy and early parenthood.

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How to talk about us

We are an independent, not-for-profit that engages with similar organisations to deliver quality mental health support for families across various stages of life, from prevention and early intervention through to treatment and recovery.

We also engage in applied research to investigate what approaches work best, sharing that information to inform policy and advocacy across the sector.

We are not a one-size-fits-all provider – just as every person is different, so too is how we assist them.

We help people from all walks of life, at any point they may need it.

We deliver a range of support services across six locations in Victoria. We also promote our mission of well-being for life through our two, free mobile apps.


Example social media posts

Drummond street services are one of the longest running welfare organisations in Victoria, and they’re here to help you through some of the tougher stages of life. Learn more.

Life is a journey, and along the way, it’s easy to stumble. drummond street services can help through early intervention and the promotion of well-being. Giving you the guidance you need to navigate the rocky road of life. Find out more.

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With reportedly one in five Australians suffering from a form of mental illness, drummond street services is a much-needed organisation that works directly with individuals and families through the tough times. Whatever that may be. Find out more about drummond street services.

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Looking for a way to co-ordinate the whole family and easily share updates in a safe and fun way? Give the MyMob app a try. [Link to website – will require 2 links if linking to app stores]

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MyMob is a simple tool that encourages positive, open communication and enables busy parents to plan and schedule their co-parenting duties. Download it today. [Link to Google Play and App Store listings]


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Being a new parent can be challenging. But there’s help right at your fingertips with the WTFamily?! mobile app which offers helpful tips and advice based on a series of quick quizzes. Download it now. [Link to website – will require 2 links if linking to app stores]

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WTFamily?! is an early intervention app for new parents which delivers tips and coping strategies based on a series of quick quizzes. Give it a try today. [Link to Google Play and App Store Listings]


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