What is it?

Kidz Talk child counselling and support is a short-term, no-cost, Child Mental Health Service for children who are at risk of developing, or are experiencing mild to moderate emotional, mental health or behavioural difficulties. This could include; anxiety, depression, emotional and behavioural issues and issues related to upbringing and negative life experiences, such as family breakdown, grief, loss, abuse and trauma.

For many families and at certain times in a child’s family life, it can be difficult to understand a child’s behaviours or emotions. Seeking help early and talking to someone about what is going on for your child at home, preschool or school can help you to learn valuable new skills and strategies to help you and your child.

Part of the Australian Government’s Access to Allied Psychological Services Child and Mental Health Service (ATAPS CMHS) initiative and funded by North West Melbourne Primary Care Network, TPS CMHS provides evidence-based psychological therapies. Our mental health professionals are qualified Psychologists or Mental Health Social Workers with training and experience in mental health services for children.

Parents, carers and guardians may be involved in the assessment and treatment sessions with their children, however the focus of support is on the child’s wellbeing. The support needs of other family members may be met by alternate drummond street programs.

The Kidz Talk service is NOT suitable for children;

  • Who have severe and persistent mental illness.
  • Are managed by a state government mental health agency.
  • Are seeking support for developmental disorders or require specific developmental assessments.
  • Where the child’s condition can be competently treated by the GP, Paediatrician, Maternal and Child Health nurse and/or mental health nurse.

Who is it for?

Kidz Talk is for children living in the north west region of Melbourne. Services are offered out of Carlton, Coburg, Brimbank and Wyndham. TPS eligible families, including low-income families and those who cannot access other mental health services are encouraged to access support. Under the TPS CMHS initiative, eligible children can see a mental health practitioner for up to 12 sessions per calendar year.