What is it?

The National Network of Stepfamilies Australia is supported and run by drummond street services. Stepfamilies Australia is committed to strengthening stepfamilies and inspiring a society that recognises, values and supports stepfamilies equally with other family forms, to achieve their highest potential.

Step Families Australia supports stepfamilies through:

  • Suggesting ways for coping with difficult stepfamily dynamics and relationships.
  • Learning how to accept each individual’s current and prior situation, no matter how complex or difficult.
  • Celebrating the positives of stepfamily life.
  • Looking at commonly experienced feelings related to stepfamily relationships and highlighting realistic expectations of stepfamily life.
  • Showing couples in stepfamilies how to use conflict to build and strengthen their relationship.
  • Understanding the impact of past relationships and what needs to be done to move on.
  • Understanding the different challenges and rewards that the step-parent and the biological parent have.
  • Looking at the feelings of children in relation to the changes to being part of a stepfamily.
  • Suggesting ways to give children the emotional support they may need with any big life changes.
  • Introducing the stepfamily life cycle – which are full of positives and possibilities and practical ways of building new family activities and traditions.

Who is it for?

Any child or adult who is part of (or about to become part of) a blended family.