We’re back!!

Thank you for your patience while we all navigated what was a very hard and stressful time for many and congratulations for your ongoing resilience. We were so impressed with everybody who adapted to us while we continued to work and promote and improve the wellbeing of many from our own homes.

As of May 3rd, 2021, clients will be able to book in for a face-to-face session with clinicians onsite in one of our locations! Whilst we know many loved the convenience of tele-health appointments, we know others craved the on-site face-to-face interactions. We will continue to provide online and tele-supports.

If you would like to make an appointment with your regular clinician or speak to a member of our intake team, please call 03 9 663 6733.  Looking forward to seeing you in person soon!


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Counselling and supporting children in need

Your Way Through

Independent support for people affected by the Disability Royal Commission

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As a not for profit community service organisation we have a vital role in the life of the local community and helping all kinds of people and families in some of the most diverse communities.

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