Drummond Street Services (DS) is a not-for-profit community service organisation that works from a human rights-based framework in the provision of support for individuals, families, and communities.

We acknowledge that specific communities and groups disproportionately experience disadvantages and are not afforded equal social and economic opportunities, compared to other more privileged individuals and groups. With this in mind, it is central to our work that we name the oppression as well as acknowledge, share and dismantle the privileges that others have, along with an awareness of our own.

Our services aim to meet the needs of this diversity by:

  • Creating programs for people and families that meet their unique needs.
  • Working with small and emerging populations with specific needs.
  • Acknowledging families who have different structures and complexities
  • Working across the life cycle, from birth through to key family transition points.
  • Being innovative in our approach and service provision.

Drummond Street Services (DS), Queerspace and Stepfamilies Australia and other associated entities are committed to providing quality services equally to all individuals and families in our community. Our fee structure, therefore, is based on the principle of the client’s “capacity to pay”. Our fees vary across our different services and are important to contribute to the ongoing improvement and delivery of our services to support all our children, adults, and families. The following is a guide on our fees.