Client Information on privacy and information/data collection

drummond street services provides a range of programs that promote the emotional and mental health and wellbeing of families, young people and children, and support stronger relationships both in families and the communities in which we serve.

drummond street receives funding from a range of government departments, and to maintain the no-cost or low-cost of our one-to-one support and participation in our groups, seminars and information sessions we are required to collect some basic information on who attends. Providing this information helps us to help you and others, and we use only de-identified information (does not identify you) for the specific purpose of quality, research and reporting only with your consent. Your consent is voluntary and can withdrawn at any time.

Why does drummond street services need your personal information?

  • Your personal information is collected, stored and shared only for its collected purpose and maintained in accordance with the relevant Commonwealth and State government privacy and confidentiality requirements, except when there are compelling ethical or legal reasons, particularly relating to the protection and safety of an individual and/or children at risk or imminent harm, including to self or others.
  • Access to your personal information, including amending or the correction of information, subject to Freedom of Information (FOI) provisions.
  • Providing feedback (positive and critical) to help us to improve our services,
  • Any complaints are responded to in a fair and objective manner.

How does drummond street services protect your personal information?

drummond street is committed to maintaining the highest level of confidentiality in the protection of your personal information. We are also required by law to comply with Commonwealth and State government Privacy requirements, including the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988, the Victorian State Government’s Health Records Act 2001 and the Australian Information Privacy Principles.

Your personal information remains confidential and is only collected, stored or used for statistical reporting, with your consent and only for the intended purpose. There are some exceptions to this, including;

  • Consent was provided by you to share information with another person or agency;
  • The use or disclosure of personal information is legally required or authorised; or
  • We reasonably believe that disclosure of your personal information is necessary to prevent or minimise:
    • serious and/or imminent threat or risk to the life, health or safety of an individual or child; or
    • there is a serious threat to public health or safety.

How is my information stored?

All personal client information and records are maintained and secured in both electronic and paper-based forms. This includes the security of all personal data in electronic databases, including Australian-based electronic cloud databases, in accordance with Australian privacy and archival requirements. Client records are secured, maintained and disposed of in accordance with legal requirements and to ensure safety and confidentiality of information.

Feedback or Complaints

drummond street is committed to high quality, responsive and respectful services. We appreciate feedback as part of our review and improvement processes. If you believe you have not been treated respectfully or have not received an expected standard of care or service we do want to know.

drummond street services communication methods

We need information on the best way to make contact with you (via telephone, email or SMS), to keep you informed or up-to-date about the group session\s or programs you have booked to attend or are attending, provide information, send requests for participation in research and service feedback.

We will ask you what are the best ways to make contact and communicate with you. This can be changed at any time.

For more information please download our privacy policy booklet here.