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A YES vote is for equality and love. It is also a resounding NO to institutional and legal discrimination, divisiveness and invalidating LGBTIQ experiences, relationships and who we are. The ‘YES’ vote brings some relief and elation. It is an important milestone for the Australian community. It finally acknowledges and recognises the equal value and status of relationships. We are now a little bit further down the road, via a route we were forced to travel. What are the next steps?

queerspace self care tips

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This is a hard time for all of us leading up to Wednesday’s announcement. Whichever way it goes queerspace at drummond street services is here for you.

Boredom Busters for the School Holidays

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We have put together some ideas to inspire you on how to entertain your kids these school holidays. RELAX AND ENJOY YOUR KIDS!

Poppykettle Theatre Fun Day 2017

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Kindergartens, Early Learning Centres and Child Care Centres are invited to bring children to the Poppykettle Theatre Fun Day as part of an excursion at the Geelong Performing Arts Centre – 50 Little Malop Street.


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drummond street services, a family support agency that provides counselling and support to LGBTIQ people and their families, warns that the rolling Canberra leadership fail – which instead of action offers a compromised plebiscite in the form of a costly postal survey – will trigger months of mental anguish, and pose a potential suicide risk, to many already vulnerable Australians, leaving the community to bear the costs and the impacts.

Stay Cool – 5 week group program

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A 5 week group program for people who experience difficulties with stress and anxiety.

VoiceFest 2K16

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VoiceFest 2K16 is a free festival FOR and BY young people, to celebrate difference and expression through music, art, performance and food. VoiceFest brings together young people from diverse intersections of identity, ethnicity, religiosity, sexuality, gender and culture.

A community conversation for Transgender Remembrance Day

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Marie August and Anne Murphy extend a warm invitation to trans and gender diverse people and allies to join us and participate in a conversation with our community on the eve of Transgender Remembrance Day. A time to be together and talk with each other.

Prevalent & Preventable Violence Against Women and their children #PPVAW

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The general feel at this PPVAW conference is sombre and heavy. There seems like many people have done a lot of work/ research, yet it hasn’t even scratched the surface. As I sit in each and every presentation my heart felt heavy and I could feel the burden of how far the issue is entrenched in our system and how far we have to go. It is not only daunting but incredibly challenging. At least we are having the conversation!

Plebiscite: Fund Support not Hate

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drummond street services, a Victorian-based family support agency that provides specialist counselling and support to LGBTIQ people and their families, continues to experience an increase in demand for mental health support.