We applaud Diamonds players standing up against historic racism

Drummond Street Services stand by Diamonds players in their refusal to wear a uniform displaying the Hancock logo, a company owned by Gina Rinehart, due to the outrageous historical comments by her father, Lang Hancock, who famously said in 1984 that “Indigenous Australians should be sterilised to breed themselves out in coming years.”

Diamonds players and the netball community have every right to be outraged by this, and the refusal to wear the Hancock logo should be applauded.

Instead of pulling the $15 million dollar sponsorship deal and causing a financial blow to a sport that empowers women across Australia, Gina Rineheart has an opportunity to distance the company from this derogatory statement by recognizing the harm caused historically and exploring alternative solutions for the team and sport to continue to flourish.

CEO of Drummond Street Karen Field states:

“We should all be outraged by the racist comments of Hancock and these young women should be applauded for standing up against this symbol of racism, not punished for it.”