queerspace submission into Victorian Government’s Mental Health Royal Commission

drummond street services/queerspace welcomes the opportunity to submit to the Victorian Government’s Mental Health Royal Commission. This submission follows our earlier correspondence in November 2018 and commentary on the Royal Commission’s initial draft Terms of Reference.

drummond street services reiterates, if undertaken comprehensively, this Inquiry and subsequent follow-through by the Victorian government should:

  • bind and guide future investment in mental health prevention, early intervention, crisis and recovery services over the immediate and longer terms
  • ensure non-partisan approaches to mental health public policy, funding and service delivery
  • provide the framework and mechanisms to reorient funding intentions, including programming and initiatives across a spectrum of interventions which apply community-based family and children models alongside clinical interventions
  • ensure allocation of new monies to validated, innovative and outcomes-based models, including those responses which support children, young people, families, adults and carers early.

Read our full submission into the Victorian Government’s Mental Health Royal Commission.