What is queerspace?

queerspace logoqueerspace provides a safe and supportive space to obtain information and support services aimed at improving mental health and wellbeing by specialist queer and queer affirmative mental health practitioners.

What queerspace offers

  • Individual, couple and whole-of-family counselling
  • Relationship and parenting support services
  • Better Access counselling program
  • Youth counselling, support and groups programs
  • Group education and information community programs and;
  • Peer support and social activities

What makes queerspace unique is:

  • Qualified and experienced mental health professionals
  • Queer affirmative services by LGBTIQ and queer friendly practitioners
  • Low cost or no cost counselling based on the capacity to pay
  • Accessible and flexible services and hours
  • Sensitive to the diversity of our communities and individual’s needs, including sexual and gender identities
  • Evidence based approaches
  • Pathways to care through Access to Allied Psychological Therapeutic Services (ATAPS) on behalf of Inner North West Melbourne Medicare local (INWMML)

Promoting Wellbeing & Supporting Relationships

Building strong, healthy relationships can be a challenge when dealing with issues relating to intimacy, communication, conflict, parenting and families.

LGBTIQ individuals, couples and their families often have additional stresses on their relationships – i.e. coming out, parenting, families and navigating medical and other service systems. Promoting wellbeing through counselling, relationship and parenting support can help to strengthen relationship and parenting skills.

queerspace also supports important peer and social connections through group education and queer events.

queerspace recognises like heterosexual couples that LGBTIQ couples have similar and in some cases higher rates of family violence.  We provide support and services to queer victims and perpetrators of family violence through our QRespect program.

Pathways to care

queerspace offers a pathway to care that includes counselling for individuals and families experiencing, or at risk of, mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, alcohol and drug use.

queerspace can also offer short-term psychological counselling, in partnership with Inner North West Medicare Local’s (INWMML) Access to Allied Psychological Services (ATAPS) program. This program aims to address moderate mental health conditions based on a treatment plan by a General Practitioner (GP).

We also support queer youth

queerspace is committed to supporting LGBTIQ youth through specialist counselling, peer support and community learning activities, to have a voice in the development of programs and activities, to connect to supportive peers and be part of positive youth-led initiatives.