National stepfamilies awareness day – Monday July 25

Extended … Blended … Mended … Fended … Tendered … Remembered… Suspended … Intended …

For an increasing number of Australians, including an estimated 300,000 children, stepfamilies are the new normal.  But it can seem anything but normal.  The experience can be both wonderful for children and parents alike, or brutally challenging and a vital work in progress.
Monday July 25 is National Stepfamilies Awareness Day and peak organisation, Stepfamilies Australia, is asking all Australians to both celebrate and support those people making their way forward in stepfamilies.   

“One in five of our families is now a stepfamily, notes Stepfamilies Australia CEO Karen Field.  “So it’s a reality for a great many Australians and worth recognising, thinking about and talking about.”

“Certainly stepfamilies can be a wonderful place, but it would be wrong to think that the blending of strangers, along with possible emotional hurt and baggage, will deliver an instant ‘Brady Bunch’ outcome.

“Stepfamilies can be tough, tough places for many people, including kids.   It’s something we’ve long acknowledged here at Stepfamilies Australia, and that’s why we’ve broken ground in producing the MyMob phone App, which creates channels for people to connect and build on their relationships.”


Using family-based apps such as MyMob allows family members to communicate; share photos, messages and information, like you might do across the family table, but in a safe, online environment.  MyMob is a free app available on IPhone, IPAD and Android devices.  It allows people to connect on their own terms, and take things from there.

Taking on the care of somebody’s children is always something that deserves our acknowledgement, respect, appreciation and celebration.  National Stepfamilies Awareness Day is also a time to give thanks to those parents who are not only building a new relationship with their partner, but their partner’s children.

At the Stepfamilies Australia website you can find further information for tips, resources and links to advice and support that promote the best outcomes for children, young people, parents and stepparents.