drummond street services statement on The High Court Decision

The voices of survivors are our focus. We believe you.

Following the verdict of the High Court of Australia today, resulting in George Pell walking free, we acknowledge and support survivors and their families who are saddened and devastated by the systems and institutions that have and continue to fail them.

Our hearts go out to the brave survivors, their families and loved ones that stood up for justice and accountability. This is an important time for all survivors to know that they are believed and that this verdict today does not stop the fight to ensure all institutions and perpetrators of harm are held to account.

This decision today does not bring the justice deserved to so many who continue to fight hard for their own story to be heard. What we see is the strength you have all shown in living your lives with courage. There will be no more silence and there are many who continue to support you and fight alongside you to create a safer and braver world.

Today is about your truth, your safety and your supports. Reach out to those who surround you, to those who are here right beside you, remember you are seen, you are heard, and you are believed.

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