Celebrating great Dads this Father’s day

 “But God I feel so glad … When he calls me Dad.”

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Father’s Day

Too many “men” have been in the news for all the wrong reasons in recent times, especially with the scourge of domestic violence being rightly exposed and discussed more openly than ever before.   But this Father’s Day (Sept 4) gives all of us the chance to acknowledge the many great Australian men who make their families a far better place.

Stepfamilies Australia says Father’s Day is a time to celebrate great Dads (and their many great deeds) in all shapes and forms – including StepDads and Separated and Divorced Dads.

“Being a great Dad can be something that goes without much fanfare, especially in Australia, and especially in a world where many families are blended and ongoing worksin-progress,” notes Stepfamilies Australia CEO Karen Field.

“From our point of view, we particularly note the pressures and challenges of men who find themselves as a Step-Father, or a biological Dad adjusting to his children and expartner being in new circumstances.”

“It can be tough and it can be rough, but many Aussie men are not part of ‘those’ headlines.  They are getting on with life as best they can, and making a difference through the love of their children.  And they are certainly worth applauding this Father’s Day.”


Being a Dad can mean many different things to many different men in Australia. Click here to see what the ‘Fatherhood Factor’ means to our diverse Dads

With one-in-five families now a stepfamily, representing some 300,000 children, Father’s Day also means many different emotions and challenges for many men – and a time to acknowledge those Australians making a positive difference to the children in their lives.

For those Dads no longer living with their children, and for StepDads trying to build bridges within their new families, Stepfamilies Australia has created a smartphone app called MyMob to allow people to communicate on their own terms and in their own time.

MyMob is free and available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.  It allows family members to share messages, photos and information – just as you might do across the kitchen table, but in a safe, online environment.

At the Stepfamilies Australia website www.stepfamily.org.au you can find further information for tips, resources and links to advice and support that promote the best outcomes for Dads, Mums and young people.