Course Summary

Parenting children who worry This FREE 90 minute seminar is perfect for parents and carers of children who are a little bit too concerned about everyday life.

Offering basic information and strategies to help kids worry less alongside how to develop an action plan for helping them move from feeling anxious – to feeling more empowered and able to act when they are uncomfortable. This is a great program that challenges parents to respond a little differently to their children – and see if this has a flow on effect on children’s behaviour. We know all kids are different so you will leave with a customised action plan for your house.


Course Sessions

Questions about this course? Call (03) 9663 6733 or email

This course is free, refreshments will be provided.


GROUP Mondays 24th April for 4 weeks


10:00 - 11:30am


100 Drummond Street, Carlton (Some childcare available if you book early)