Got time to fill with the kids? Here are some tip sheets to help you out:

Client Feedback for Foods Relief Program

How to Make a Cloth Mask

John Mckenna on Challenges and Coping During COVID Pandemic

Tips From Ruth From Queerspace

Tips on How to Survive Quarantine as a Young Person

Tips for Building Resilience During Isolation

Tips for People Living With Teenagers With Helen Rimington


FREE, live and interactive online sessions now available for you and your children!

Support for Families and Individuals During COVID-19

drummond street services is still supporting families during this very challenging time. We provide a range of services and programs to support children, young people, families, relationships and communities.

redress support services at drummond street

At drummond street we support survivors of institutional abuse and sexual abuse as well as friends, loved ones, carers and family members of survivors of institutional sexual abuse.

disability royal commission support

drummond street services is offering free support for those impacted by the disability royal commission. Please get in touch with us if you want to access our support services.

drummond street individual and family services during Covid-19

drummond street services is here to support individuals and families during Covid-19.

the drum youth services are here during covid-19

Please get in touch to access any of our youth services or programs

Advocacy at the Intersections during Covid 19

Don’t fear, we aren’t going anywhere. Advocacy at the intersection is still going full steam ahead despite Covid-19 restrictions.

queerspace are here for you during Covid-19

queerspace are continuing to run all of our programs and services during covid 19 in an online and digital capacity to help you through this trying time.

drummond street CEO public address Covid-19

Karen Field CEO of drummond street services talks about the impact of Covid 19 on our communities, hitting our most vulnerable communities particularly hard.

Tips for Co-Parenting During COVID-19 Quarantine

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic brings extra pressures that can be hard to manage and cause anxiety in both parents and children. We have gathered some suggestions that can help separated parents work through this difficult time.

What does self-quarantine mean?

This information is for people with disability and tells you about what self-quarantine means.

What is Coronavirus (COVID-19)? – Easy Read

This information is for people with disability and tells you about the coronavirus and how to stay healthy.

Loneliness and Isolation for LGBTIQ People with Disabilities – Starting a Conversation

Throughout our lives, we often experience moments of loneliness and isolation. For some, these experiences can result in substantial healing processes or thoughts of shame and moments of uncertainty.

Social Script to Explain Covid19

Coronavirus/COVID-19 is a new illness affecting people worldwide. We can’t see corona virus so we have to do things to keep safe.

Move it for Kids Songs and Dances to get your Kids Moving

Move it for Kids Songs and Dances to get your Kids Moving

Move it 4 Kids Acknowledgement Song

Move it 4 Kids Acknowledgement Song

Move it for Kids

Check out our Move it for Kids video playlist and check back regularly for updates.

Viral Colouring – Tip Sheet

You will have heard adults talking about Coronavirus – it won’t last forever, if we do the right thing the virus will float away and stop bothering us.

Keeping Primary School Kids Occupied – Tip Sheet

Fun ideas for slightly desperate parents of primary school kids. Making forced family fun memorable! Includes ideas for pre-school kids and for kids at primary school.

Scavenger Hunt – Tip Sheet

Should take them a while to line all these things up on the kitchen table! Something red, something made of paper, …

Play Dough – Tip Sheet

Got time to fill with the kids? Make a big deal out of making magical play dough! Making play dough is super fun for kids and you can bring it out for playing a few days in a row! You don’t need to cook this recipe at all.

Science Fun – Tip Sheet

Science experiments at home! Help kids explore – Will it Float or Sink? Allow them to choose 5 things to test? A spoon, soap, a plastic cup? Talk about floating and sinking.

Duck Duck Goose – Tip Sheet

An old school kids’ game to keep them occupied. Number of players: 4 or more. Recommended Age: 4+ years. Equipment needed: None.

Drama Lovers – Tip Sheet

Practise a skit or play, and perform it for a family member or film it to send to grandparents.