Got time to fill with the kids? Here are some tip sheets to help you out:

Move it for Kids

Check out our Move it for Kids video playlist and check back regularly for updates.

Viral Colouring – Tip Sheet

You will have heard adults talking about Coronavirus – it won’t last forever, if we do the right thing the virus will float away and stop bothering us.

Keeping Primary School Kids Occupied – Tip Sheet

Fun ideas for slightly desperate parents of primary school kids. Making forced family fun memorable! Includes ideas for pre-school kids and for kids at primary school.

Scavenger Hunt – Tip Sheet

Should take them a while to line all these things up on the kitchen table! Something red, something made of paper, …

Play Dough – Tip Sheet

Got time to fill with the kids? Make a big deal out of making magical play dough! Making play dough is super fun for kids and you can bring it out for playing a few days in a row! You don’t need to cook this recipe at all.

Science Fun – Tip Sheet

Science experiments at home! Help kids explore – Will it Float or Sink? Allow them to choose 5 things to test? A spoon, soap, a plastic cup? Talk about floating and sinking.

Duck Duck Goose – Tip Sheet

An old school kids’ game to keep them occupied. Number of players: 4 or more. Recommended Age: 4+ years. Equipment needed: None.

Drama Lovers – Tip Sheet

Practise a skit or play, and perform it for a family member or film it to send to grandparents.