Social Justice at Drummond Street Services

Drummond Street Services is dedicated to social justice, advocating for a fair distribution of opportunities and rights within society. We believe in addressing historical and deliberate inequalities that persist through social and political systems. Our commitment extends to supporting marginalised communities, ensuring accessibility to our services for all.

In our social justice framework, we prioritise inclusivity, self-determination, and resilience. We actively work to reduce barriers, improve accessibility, and challenge systemic issues like racism, sexism, and discrimination. Our purpose is to embody social justice across all aspects of our work, from governance to service delivery, and to guide our present and future actions.

This framework, rooted in over 135 years of community advocacy, informs the activities of Drummond Street Services and its entities, including Stepfamilies Australia, Queerspace, CFRE, Archer, and The Drum Youth Services. Social justice principles are embedded in our strategic and operational plans, shaping our relationships with clients and communities.

We recognise historical injustices like colonisation, patriarchy, and discrimination, understanding how they intersect and impact social norms. Drummond Street Services is committed to using its resources and authority to address structural forces that perpetuate inequalities. Our approach involves advocacy, resistance to inequality, and sharing resources and knowledge with marginalised communities.

Our priorities of action include supporting individuals, families, and communities through services, advocating for systems change, and focusing on key areas like recognising First Nations peoples, affirmative employment, valuing diverse knowledge, intersectional practices, accountability, and strategic advocacy.

To ensure our commitment to social justice is upheld, Drummond Street Services maintains a Social Justice Action Group that meets regularly. This group discusses key social justice priorities and works to ensure the organisation enacts meaningful actions in line with these priorities. This proactive approach enhances our capacity to create positive change and address the challenges faced by the communities we serve. At Drummond Street Services, social justice is not just a belief but a commitment to equity, acknowledging and addressing differing circumstances to create a more just and inclusive society.

1. Recognition and solidarity with First Nations peoples

drummond street’s social justice objectives should always centre, support and advocate for the recognition and solidarity with First Nations peoples.

2. Affirmative employment

DS maintains its commitment to affirmative employment through intentional and inclusive actions that support authentic workforce & client diversity.

3. Diverse knowledges, Co-production and Cultural Competence

Ensuring all staff are culturally safe & confidence in applying intersectional approach to practice & incorporating evidence – learned, lived & co-produced.

4. Assertive engagement & practices – supporting communities in place.

5. Accountability

DS will be accountable to its communities, in accordance with its values of transparency and inclusion, its openness to learn and share information and knowledge, resources and privileges.

6. Strategic advocacy

Advocate with & on behalf of communities through direct advocacy, research, community health promotion & direct actions.