MyMob press release 30.09.19

MyMob Press Release

“The Phone hasn’t stopped!” MyMob app users demand funding be reinstated!

A recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald on Sunday September 29th, entitled ‘Judges

mandate app for separated parents” about our family community app, MyMob used by

families, including separated families, to communicate with their children and for parents to

share information with one another in a safer, transparent and non-reactive space. The

article points out that Stepfamilies Australia and drummond street have been forced to

decommission the app unless there is government or philanthropic funding to support the

necessary technical upgrades to keep it operating.

“The phone hasn’t stopped! We’ve been inundated with concerns that the app is untenable

in its current form and want to know how they can support MyMob’s sustainability.” says

Karen Field, CEO of Stepfamilies Australia and drummond street services.

Karen continues “Members of the community have asked if they can donate money to us to

keep the app going? This support is welcome, but even though it is not a typical ‘bricks and

mortar’ type service, being virtual, it should be supported by ongoing government funding.

Governments give funding to big tech companies but still seem slow in recognising how

technology can augment direct services. MyMob gives families access to information and

support, as well as their ability to manage their own communication and parenting

obligations, outside the business hours of services”.

Government and the community need to do more to ensure access and services need to fit

into how families want to access information and support now”.

“As a not-for-profit organisation it’s a hard situation to be in. We really want to keep this app

available, as we know it fulfils a need for some many children and their family arrangements,

and its potential for separated parents. However, it is simply about not having enough money

to keep up! Without it, we have to call it quits. It’s deeply upsetting.”

The app has features for family members to stay in touch in a child-friendly way that supports

child safety. It has filters to safeguard children and parents from negative communications

and allows children to share what’s happening in their life, irrespective where their parents

live. It’s is interactive and allowing parents and children to share special moments in coparenting

or shared parenting arrangements.

With a significant number of MyMob users asked to use this app as a result of a court order,

along with families wanting a good communication tool in their day to day lives it’s proves

there is a significant need for such an app to continue. We would love to see some financial

support from government and philanthropists to keep MyMob available to Australian

children and families.

For comment or for more information please call 03 9663 6733