Boredom Busters for the School Holidays

(6-12) Middle Years

We have put together some ideas to inspire you on how to entertain your kids these school holidays. Enjoying time with your child in the school holidays is a great way to show them that your relationship is important to you, and it can also prevent the dreaded words of “I am bored”. Most importantly, it can be a time to RELAX AND ENJOY YOUR KIDS!

  1. Camp in your backyard. There is nothing better than putting up the tent in the backyard and snuggling down in your sleeping bag under the stars with your kids. and have a midnight snack (9pm can be your midnight if the kids are young) The best thing is you can always duck inside to use the toilet!
  2. Catch the train with your bikes and cycle home is a great way to see different parts of the city and burn off some energy.
  3. Head out of the house and checkout the local library and let the kids choose some books to read over the holidays. There is often lots of fun activities to do as well.
  4. Go on a day trip to the zoo or the museum is a great way to entertain and educate the kids.
  5. Head to the local Bounce trampoline park. It is awesome fun and a great way to wear them out!
  6. Get messy and wet and have a water bomb war. The kids will spend hours filling up the balloons with water and it is great entertainment!
  7. Head out to a park you have not been to before. There are some great playgrounds with flying foxes and giant spider climbing frames. Take a picnic and make a day of it
  8. Go for a bike ride around the neighbourhood and end it with a slushy at the 711.
  9. Make a fort. Pull out sheets and blankets and let them use the furniture to make a fort. It is a great space for them to hang out, read books and play games
  10. Have an arts and craft day. Create a craft table with coloured paper, pens, glue, stickers and glitter then let them get creative. Kmart has some great craft equipment that will keep them busy for hours. If you are not into glitter, check out your local library which may have a holiday activity programme for the kids to make fun stuff that you don’t have to vacuum up afterwards!

Boredom Busters for the School Holidays

  1. Encourage your budding movie producer and let them plan a TV show. They can film it on your phone.
  2. Have your own Masterchef competition to make dinner. Whoever makes the best dish gets a prize and the bonus is you don’t have to make dinner!
  3. Do some baking and bake cupcakes, muffins or biscuits together and decorate them
  4. Rainy days are always a good chance to check out the movies, hot pools, museums and tenpin bowling
  5. Pyjama Day! It is also good to just have time to chill out and have a break, watch movies, read books and get out the board games
  6. Go to the beach and build sandcastles. It does not matter what time of year it is, just rug up and have fun
  7. Head off to the local skate park with your bikes and scooters. Have races with your friends and master the obstacle course. Just make sure you have your safety gear on.
  8. Invite some friends over – it is always good for them to let loose and hang with their mates
  9. Go swimming at the local pool.
  10. Get sporty and play backyard cricket, soccer or tennis

Extra Tip:

Make a list of a couple of activities and put it on your fridge, and have one day where the kids decide what they would like to do.