Youth Services Contract Update

We want to let you know that from 1 July 2018 you will see changes to the way that  youth services are delivered in the city of Melbourne.

The City of Melbourne currently has three youth services providers:  

  • the drum youth service (part of drummond street), funded to deliver youth services Carlton and Parkville.
  • cohealth (formerly Doutta Galla), funded to deliver youth services in North Melbourne and Kensington
  • Front Yard (part of Melbourne City Mission), funded to delivery youth services in the Central Business District (CBD)

Last year, the City of Melbourne reviewed the way in which youth services were delivered. Following this, City of Melbourne changed the contract for delivering these services, meaning one organisation will be funded to deliver City of Melbourne Youth Services from 1 July, 2018. This provider will deliver services across the municipality, including Carlton, Parkville, North Melbourne, Kensington & the CBD. These changes will benefit young people by allowing greater reach and consistency of programs and services, as well as filling important service gaps across the municipality.

The drum youth service is excited to announce that we are the successful sole service provider to deliver these youth services. We believe our tender was successful because of our innovative and inclusive approach that uses co-design. The co-design model reflects our commitment to young people through affirmative employment and ensuring young people have direct input in to services and activities. We look forward to strengthening our connection to the community and responding to the needs of young people and their communities.

With the drum becoming the sole City of Melbourne youth service provider, this will mean some changes for young people, their families and communities. The biggest change will be that that the drum will begin delivering programs in North Melbourne, Kensington and CBD. We will continue to work in Carlton and Parkville.

We would like to acknowledge the important work of cohealth over the last 15 years and the relationship they have formed with the community in this time. We are working closely with City of Melbourne and cohealth to make the transition as smooth as possible for the community.

We know that change can be concerning, so we want to let young people, families and other concerned people know that we foresee limited changes to our programs in Carlton. In North Melbourne and Kensington we are also working hard to ensure we continue to deliver the same key programs and services that cohealth did. We will also have an office in the North Melbourne Community Centre in Buncle Sreet, where cohealth has been located.

More information about any programming changes will be available on the drum’s website in the coming weeks (see here

If you have any questions about the services, you can contact

Chantelle Higgs,  drummond street services & Stepfamilies Australia,

Phone: 03  9663 6733 Mob: 0488 559 007