Our parenting courses help you to meet and hear from parents going through experiences similar to yours. They are a great way to learn, grow and tackle some of the challenging things that you face as a parent, or in your family life.

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Who runs them?

Our parenting courses are run by parent educators. Experienced facilitators with years of expertise in helping parents manage the ups and downs of raising children, they have varied professional backgrounds. From psychology to social work, to counselling and early childhood qualifications, our facilitators are supportive and non-judgemental. Trained to help people apply evidence based strategies that are known to work for the unique aspects of each individual family, our parent educators believe that people can build on their strengths and aim for good enough parenting, not perfect parenting!

drummond street services Parenting Framework

If you are a professional interested in learning more about our parenting framework, click here to download it.

Bringing up Great Kids

Bringing Up Great Kids is a daytime group with an early childhood focus. They are 120 min evidence-based sessions that helps parents to promote  and support respectful, caring and nurturing relationships between parents and their children. Parents/carers are encouraged to become more reflective and mindful in their parenting approach.

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Top Gear- Seminar and 4 week group

This 90 min program is for parents of kids who can be feisty, tricky, and super energetic or just seem to be operating in top gear most of the time.


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Transition to Secondary School- Seminar

This 90 minute seminar is for parents and carers of kids moving from Grade 6 into secondary school. Pick up some tips on supporting children through the transition, there is a lot you can do to help your young person!


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Transition to Primary School- Seminar

A must for parents or carers with 5 or 6 year olds, this is a 2 hour seminar which tackles the challenges of moving from kindergarten to the first year of school.

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Best Mood- 8 week group

BEST Mood is a 8 week program for parents and families where one or more young people have a mental issue and is offered in partnership with Deakin University.


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