Here at queerspace we offer training on an extensive range of topics relevant to working with the LGBTIQ / queer communities and their families. We define queer as anyone who identifies in the queer and lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, gender diverse spectrum. We welcome gender fluid and non-binary clients and their families.

Our training is delivered through a queer lens, with a substantial awareness of community, advocacy and affirmation.  We practice our vision everyday through our work with gender questioning, trans and gender diverse children, young people and their families; with queer people in intimate relationships with one or more people; with queer, trans or gender diverse people planning to have children; with families that are separating or reforming; on issues of intimate partner and family violence. Our staff have lived experience as well as years of practice as clinicians working with children, young people, adults and families, with people in relationships including intimate partnerships, couples, people in polyamorous relationships, in parenting or co-parenting relationships or in caring relationships with or without children.

Our queerspace clinicians and staff are queer, trans and gender diverse. We have expertise in working with mental health and wellbeing services, health care providers including hospitals, early childhood education, primary and secondary school staff, pre-service training for social workers, youth workers, education teachers and staff, and other community sector staff as well as with local government staff across child and families, youth and aged care.

queerspace training offers you more than a basic introduction to a topic. We bring our clinical expertise and lived experiences to the design of all our training, which is underpinned by: an understanding of the systemic barriers facing queer, trans and gender diverse people and their families; an appreciation of the intersectional experiences of queer, trans and gender diverse people who are First Nations, live with a disability and/or are of multi-faiths and cultures; current research; and a range of tailored activites. queerspace training is relevant, practical and progressive, delivered by trainers who are engaging, relevant and memorable.

We offer training in (but not limited to):

  • Working with families with trans and gender diverse children and young people
  • Queer Feminist Practice in LGBTIQ Family and Intimate Partner Violence
  • Managing Risk with LGBTIQ+ Clients
  • AOD in the queer community
  • Advocacy with your queer clients
  • Introducing Rainbow Families
  • Supporting LGBTIQ+ and gender diverse students in education settings (primary and secondary)


  • Deeper appreciation of the language, terms and definitions used
  • Evidence-based information on the topic
  • Awareness of current research to support your evidence-based practice
  • Practical knowledge and skills to improve and develop your inclusive practice
  • Contacts and referral information for LGBTIQ+ social, support and advocacy community organisations


View our calendar for upcoming training dates.


The fee for training held at drummond street services in Carlton is $80 per person plus GST.

Morning or afternoon tea is provided.

For registrations of three or more people from one workplace a discounted fee may apply.

Costs for workplace professional development and secondary consultation are set at a sliding scale depending on the type of service or sector. Please contact queerspace here to register your interest in professional development or consulting services.


Please contact our queerspace training and consultancy services coordinator with any further questions or queries: