Our staff at queerspace has extensive professional expertise in engaging with trans and gender diverse community members, with parents and carers with children and young people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and gender diverse, with rainbow families where one or more parent, carer or co-parents are LGBTIQ or gender diverse.

Consultation support provided to individual practitioners or workplaces addressing but not limited to:

Language and terms

  • intake and assessment forms, marketing and promotional material, online and web-based material, policies and procedures, employment and recruitment.
  • Review of current intake and assessment forms

Family centred practice

Trans, gender diverse and non-binary clients

  • Supporting workplace transition, advice on polices and procedures for supporting clients who are transitioning,

Working with families with trans and gender diverse children

  • Providing family-centred counselling
  • Supporting TGD children and young people in educational settings
  • Writing a individual learning plan for TGD children and young people.

Understanding risk when working with the LGBTIQ communities

  • Understanding risk in the context of the history of psychiatric practices and psychologies that have contributed to the pathologizing of sex and gender diversity.
  • How past experiences of practice might manifest for many trans and gender diverse people seeking mental health.
  • Responding to risk and promoting safety for trans and gender diverse clients

Supporting organisations to come to a stance on queer and LGBTI inclusive practice

  • Audit skills and develop workplace -specific , review of internal and external data collection and needs,

Working with queer families

  • through family formation, parenting, relationships, separation and re-forming
  • specific terms and languages, social and support information
  • How to make your service rainbow family friendly
  • Supporting rainbow families in educational settings


  • Advocacy Plan development support for working with complex queer and LGBTI clients and their families/

Supporting your staff

  • Advice on supporting varying or specific needs of queer and LGBTI staff
  • advice on policies and procedures for supporting staff who are transitioning at work.

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