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queerspace is a mental health and wellbeing focused service for LGBTIQ communities. Through queerspace, you can access information, check out our research, and get help and support in a safe, supportive and non-judgmental space.

We have over 40 years of history providing services that reflect the diversity of local communities, including LGBTIQ communities, with a special focus on mental health and wellbeing, relationships, families, parenting, youth and recovery. queerspace provides a safe and supportive space to obtain information and support services aimed at improving mental health and wellbeing by specialist queer and queer friendly mental health practitioners.

Thanks to our Australia-first initiative, in partnership with Inner North West Melbourne Medicare Local and Better Access mental health professionals, our clients have access to this specialist queer mental health service. queerspace fills the gap in healthcare for queer clients who are experiencing a range of issues impacting on their emotional and physical wellbeing. The service provides access to queer-affirmative GPs and queer-identified mental health professionals under various schemes supported by the Inner North West Melbourne Medicare Local (the Better Access initiative, Flexible Care Packages under the Access to Allied Psychological Services initiative, and the Partners in Recovery initiative).

People access queerspace for a range of reasons including:

  • Individual, couple and whole-of-family counselling
  • Relationship and parenting support services
  • Group education and information community programs
  • Peer support, social activities and referrals
  • Youth programs, groups, counselling and support

We have a whole of family and community-based approach. So you might contact us as a parent of a young queer person, or a couple looking for support, as a single parent, or as someone questioning their own sexuality. You might see us for personal counselling, parenting classes, seminars, or to join a facilitated group.

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